Self Defense Weapons

Self Defense WeaponsCommon Self Defense Weapons

Practical self defense has to be simple but effective, and sometimes the situation may call for some type of weapon to aid in your ability to protect yourself.

Most of us don’t (and shouldn’t!) be carting around weapons which by law may be illegal to have, or may be able to be used against you if your attacker should somehow take that weapon from you.

The simplest and most useful self defense weapons may be items that you carry around with you every day.

Think of several scenarios that you may encounter, and then think of the possible self defense weapons you may have available to use.

Remember that self defense is about making your attacker think twice about confronting you, stunning or distracting your attacker long enough for you to attract help or escape, it’s not about how much grievous bodily harm you can inflict on them.

For example, you are walking to your car when you see someone approaching you that looks suspicious.

Confidence is the best self defenseLook Confident

Looking confident that you will be able to protect yourself is a big part of the image you need to portray, as most predators only pray on who they perceive to be weaker than themselves, so finding a way for you to feel and look confident is the first step.

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Simple Self Defense Weapons

Self Defense Weapons

Place the largest of your keys between your fingers so that it pokes out when you make a fist.

This will give you a useful self defense weapon if you need it, and will assist in making you feel less vulnerable.

This may be enough to cause your would be attacker to choose a less threatening victim.

Even a rolled up magazine or the end of a hair brush can be used effectively as self defence weapons to fend off an attacker if needed, it’s easy to learn how to use almost any household item to defend yourself or at least feel confident that you could if needed.

Weapons for Self defenseThe human body has many pressure points and soft tissue areas that if struck correctly will cause enough pain or discomfort for an attacker to release you or retreat.

By learning where these vulnerable areas are and how to strike them correctly means you are always only arms reach from any number of good self defense weapons.

Most people are already aware of some of the obvious strike zones such as the groin, instep and solar plexus, but these areas need to be struck with some force and with a certain amount of accuracy to be effective.

If your grabbed un-aware and are held in closely, striking to any of these strike zones may be difficult or even impossible.

Self Defence WeaponsIf all you are carrying on you is a pen or pencil, the blunt end of either of these can be used to force an attacker to release you if used correctly, without having to strike any one of the commonly thought of areas of the body.

If you can learn to look and feel confident about your ability to protect yourself, then you will have the power to avoid most violent situations.

If these situations are not avoidable then you will have the knowledge to know what to use as a self defense weapon, and where to strike to be effective and survive.

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