Self Defense ProductsSelf Defense Products

Sometimes the best self defense is just to be prepared!

Having the confidence to know that you are able to protect yourself, because of your abilities, or because you have some form of deterrent such as a personal alarm, will sometimes be all you need to diffuse a situation and remove yourself from harm.

Some products are illegal to carry in some country’s or states, so make sure you are not carrying anything illegal or something that can be used against you, if an attacker was to take it from you.

The best way to feel safe and confident is to learn proper self defense techniques for today’s society.

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If carrying a self defence product will help you feel more confident and it is legal to carry in your state, then here are a few available on the market today that may be useful in these situations.

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Personal Alarms

Personal Self defense products

Personal alarms are usually around the size of a large key-chain,small enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

When activated these devices emit an incredibly loud high pitched sound that is uncomfortable to listen to.

This noise is intended to scare off a would be attacker, as well as attracting attention from people near by that may be able to assist you if necessary.

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Pepper SpraySelf Defense Pepper Spray

Most People have heard of pepper spray due to the fact the Police use it as a way to subdue a suspect by spraying this in their eyes causing pain and blurred vision, which allows the police to move in and restrain someone when necessary.

The only problem with carrying pepper spray is that it is illegal in some states, it runs out and loses its effects over time, as well as it can be taken from you and used by your attacker on you.

It can work well as a deterrent purely because people have seen and know the effects because the Police use it.

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Telescopic Steel BatonSelf Defense Baton

A telescopic Steel Baton is one of the better self defense weapons, and are small enough to carry in your handbag or glove box of your car for when you need it.

These batons are good for deterring an attacker, as well as being able to keep them at a distance when extended to full length.

Strong construction and a good grip on the handle is important to help you hold onto it securely.

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