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Self defense is defending oneself against acts of violence which endanger you and/or your loved ones.

With acts of violence on the rise at an alarming rate, the need to defend oneself has become an essential part of every day living.

From the schoolyard to the workplace, even within our own homes, robbery, rape and aggravated assault have all become regular occurrences.

Learning simple but effective defense strategies can prevent us from becoming yet another statistic.

Before we reach the age of 65 every one of us will, on average, have had three major confrontations in our lives.

Learn self defense and avoid becoming the next victim!

Self defence TodaySelf Defence Today

This self defence manual was as developed to cater for the growing need in today’s society for the average person to be able to successfully defend themselves and their loved ones from harm.

This 36 page course manual aims to teach the knowledge and skills needed to be able to recognize potential problems, how to avoid trouble, and if necessary, how to respond confidently when faced with a volatile or violent situation.

In this course you will learn the three A’s of self defense, Awareness, Assessment and Action.

  •  Awareness:  the best way to protect yourself from danger is to not get into it, a confident, alert person is less likely to be attacked.
  •  Assessment:  when faced with a Code Orange situation, you need to quickly assess, a) the situation, b) your attacker, and c) yourself.
  •  Action:  only you can decide whether you need to respond in self defense. learn the techniques and moves that work to disarm or fend off an attacker.

Learn to recognize the signs of danger but learn self defense techniques and moves, as well what self defense weapons you can access and use to ward off or disarm your potential attacker.

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