Self DefenseSelf Defense

Everyone has the right to be able to defend themselves, but not everyone has the knowledge, confidence or ability to put into practice what could be life saving actions.

Any self defense needs to be simple yet effective, and different environments or circumstance may call for a different level or combination of actions.

Learn and get to know the most effective methods for protecting yourself or your loved ones, and get updated on all the latest self defense information, right here!


It’s Your Right To Protect Yourself!


Self defense techniquesSelf Defense Techniques

Self defense techniques need to be simple moves that have to become instinct, if moves are too complex or you need to think about them for even a split second your life could be lost.

Learn the most the most effective and simple ways to get yourself out of danger under any circumstances.

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Self defense weaponsSelf Defense Weapons

Self Defense Weapons firstly, need to be legal to carry, easily accessible when needed, but conspicuous enough not to give away your advantage.

The most common of things we carry around with us regularly can sometimes be the most effective to use when needing to protect yourself.

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Self Defense ProductsSelf Defense Products

Any Self Defense product you use has to be legal to avoid you getting into more trouble than your attacker if things go wrong.

There are so many products available on the market today and some will do no more than give you a false sense of security and probably get you into more trouble than they are worth.

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Self Defense ManualLearn Self Defense

Be safe and learn how not to become a victim and another statistic in  today’s society.

It might be at your job, at your home or at your favourite restaurant, chances are you, or someone you know is likely to be assaulted or worse at some point in your life.

Don’t leave it till it is too late to learn some simple steps to ensure you are prepared and ready to take on what ever life throws at you!

Gain Self Confidence!

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